The foundations for this proposal have been laid through the project ‘Widening Participation on the Road to Membership’ (2009–2011) funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), and realized by the AEC. It has covered WB countries (5 partner academies, 3 of which will participate in this project) forming a corner stone for further projects.

The international dimension stressed by universities development strategies is rarely fully accomplished due to the lack of support programs. In BA, international cooperation is necessary for the state accreditation of HE institutions (UNSA: Development strategy). However, there are no state/institutional funds for IC, and the budget for science and arts represents 0.08% of GDP (National science strategy in Federation of BA for 2011-2021). Tempus project would be the solution.


InMuSWB consortium will consolidate efforts of experts from 6 EU countries – Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Netherlands, Slovenia and Sweden – and 3 WB countries – Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244/99). 18 institutions from HE, enterprises, science, association of universities, governmental and professional organizations will be involved in the project. Communication between partners will be realized on regular meetings, workshops, project web-site, correspondence, etc. Tasks are defined and distributed in a balanced way making results achievable within the project’s time-frame.

Financial committee

Financial committee will meet at least once a year (more often, if needed). One member from each academic PC institution will delegate for this committee. This body will provide necessary information for the steering committee and adhere to the planned budget during the project implementation.