Obaveštenje za sve studente muzičkog odseka

Obaveštavaju se svi studenti muzičkog odseka (I, II, III i IV godine) da ce se u utorak 13.05.2014. godine u prostorijama Dekanata u Kosovskoj Mitrovici, održati anketa u vezi InMusWB Tempus projekta.

Music and Technology

In the period May, 7th untill 10th 2013. prof. Ales Nagode will hold an intensive course on the subject 
Music and Technology at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.
This course is the part of the regular project activities (WP 3.1 Intensive course on interdisciplinarity in musicologu). Professor Nagode comes from UL (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Philosophy) and the intensive course will be directed primarily to the students of musicology, but opened for all interested participants.

InMusWB so far

Within the WP 6 (The second Forum of the Music High Education Institutions and Annual realization of the Workshops), next meeting will be held on the P2 academic institution, Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad, from the 14th until 18th of May 2013 under the working title 

InMusWB so far

InMuSWB_Forum of MHEI-Workshops_Novi Sad May 2013

LLL programme at UNSA

Within the Tempus project InMusWB, 517098-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-RS-TEMPUS-JPCR Academy of Music in Sarajevo organizes Lifelong Learning courses (Lifelong Learning Programme) for teachers from secondary music schools. The courses will be held on April, 3. 2013. with the following activities:
Methodic of piano teaching - Lecturers  prof. Omer Blentić and prof. Nihad Krečo
Musical Forms and Styles - Lecturer: prof. dr. Ivan Čavlović
Harmony - Lecturer Prof. Dr. Refik Hodžić
Access for all lectures is free. Teachers will receive a certificate of professional development.

“Popular Music, Politics and Ideology”

Within the period 25th to 29th March 2013. prof. Dario Martinelli from the Lithuanian Academy for Music and Theatre, Viljnus, Lithuania (LMTA) gave a lecture on the topic: “Popular Music, Politics and Ideology” This lecture was held in accordance with the project work plan
(work package 3.1. Intensive course on Interdisciplinarity in Musicology) at the Faculty of Music, Belgrade, Serbia (UA)